Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sustainable vs Organic vs Biodynamic

Sustainable Farming: a form of viticultural practice which aims to avoid any form of environmental degradation while maintaining the economic viability of the vineyard.

Organic Viticulture: is a system of grapegrowning broadly defined as shunning manmade (industrially synthesized) compounds such as fertilizers, fungicides & pesticides, as well as anything that has been genetically modified. It contrasts with “conventional” or “chemical” viticulture, by utilizing naturally occurring substances.

Biodynamic Viticulture: is an enhanced or extreme form of organic viticulture. It is based on theories expounded in the 1920s by the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner for agriculture in general. Biodynamics sees each vineyard as a living organism which can be maintained in a self-sustaining way. Agricultural work is timed to coincide with diurnal & seasonal rhythms & biodynamic spray & compost preparations are used at specified times on the land or directly on the crops to heighten their potentially beneficial effects. Conventional agrochemicals & fertilizers are prohibited.

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