Saturday, February 21, 2009


We are bad....very bad. We no blog for long times.

These wines are quite blog worthy. So get yourself down here to Joe's Wines, 1681 Poplar, & pick them up.

1. Magnificent Wine Company House Wine Red 2006 Columbia Valley, WA $13.99: This very unique blend of 73% cabernet sauvignon 10% merlot 8% syrah 5% sangiovese 2% malbec & 2% cabernet franc provides excellent quality to price ratio. It's moderately full bodied & moderately dry without being flabby or heavy on the palate. Excellent paired with simple fare such as pizza, burgers, & Mondays.

2. Milbrandt "Traditions" Merlot 2005 Washington State $16.99: the Milbrandt vineyard provides grapes for some of the top producers in Washington. Opulently generous on the palate with hints of dark dried fig, cocoa, plum & subtle pie spices. More evidence that Washington provides excellent quality wines & that their merlots kick serious ass!

3. Titus Vineyards Cabernet Franc 2005 Napa Valley $37.99: Cabernet franc is the neglected father of cabernet sauvignon. Where cab sauv is about powerful prose, cab franc is about delicate poetry. This is not your overproduced, vegetal cab franc. This is something else entirely. The nose is seductive & laden with violet, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon & wild herbs. Texture is what the palate is all about, soft yet gripping, subtle but abundant, caressing with elegant tannin & a lingering finish that was pleasant & just plain good.

4. Obsidian Ridge Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 Red Hills Lake County, CA $30.99. Who says Napa has the market cornered on powerful cab sauv? This Lake County beauty is darkly seductive, meaty, chewy & built to last. If you like your wines big & brawny but not overly massive then you will love this. It reminded us of what Napa cabs used to be, stylized & not just simply oaky & fruity. Buy 2, one to lay down & one to make yourself happy right now.